Fluiddesign is specialized to assist clients as a third party Consultant. Our role is to share our knowledge and expertise so that the current proposal is revised and improved covering:

  • Space assessment in terms of eg. water or electricity supply
  • BOQ’s which is the choice of materials
  • Expectations of the investor and end users covering project designation
  • Efficient use of resources based on new budget proposal
  • Additional ideas for fit-out within savings
  • Added value & substantial savings for the client!

the benefits

Acting as a third party Consultant also carries additional benefits. With the involvement of Fluiddesign team in Project Supervision, the investment can be delivered in a trouble-free manner for the client. Our highly-qualified team carefully makes sure that the project is realized based on its designation, budget, ROI, time frame, legal restrictions, local culture and most importantly, the needs of its future users. In the meantime, the clients can stay calm & secure, awaiting the end result.

Acting as a consultant makes Fluiddesign attentive to the needs of the investor as well as of the end user. Along with providing a memorable SPA experience or a unique water show, we make sure that the investment is competitive and economically profitable.